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Game Ready Joins Manchester City Football Club on U.S. Tour
Game Ready Enhances Treatment, Recovery and Rehabilitation for Premier League ClubJuly 30, 2010

Game Ready®, a leading active compression and cold therapy system designed to enhance recovery, today announced that Manchester City Football Club will be using a Game Ready System for each squad member while touring the United States in a series of exhibition matches. Game Ready provides advanced cooling and compression rehabilitation technology designed to help players recover after matches and avoid injuries.

“With the fixture schedule English Premier League Football clubs face and the physical demands that this creates for today’s professional footballer—especially in a World Cup year with many players having had very short off-seasons — Game Ready has become an integral part in helping footballers not only recover from injury faster, but also stay fit and perform at the intense level expected in English Football.  With the majority of our first team already Game Ready users, being able to have access to Game Ready in this way whilst on tour in the US is proving invaluable,” said Jamie Murphy, Head Physiotherapist.

We are excited for the opportunity to continue to support the medical staff and players from Manchester City during their tour of the US,” said Greg Pearce, Managing Director of Game Ready UK.  “Not only does Game Ready assist in the recovery from injury or surgery for all patients, but it is also proving vital as a recovery and maintenance tool for elite athletes.”

Game Ready differs from conventional cold therapy solutions by offering active pneumatic compression via form-fitting anatomical wraps.  The combination of cold and active compression helps reduce swelling, control edema, and increase blood flow and the delivery of oxygen to injured areas – encouraging an enhanced healing process. For more information about Game Ready, visit

Based in Alameda, California, CoolSystems, Inc., makers of Game Ready®, manufactures and markets active pneumatic compression/ cold therapy systems for both people and animals. The systems provide intermittent or cyclical compression while simultaneously delivering dry, adjustable cold therapy to the affected area with anatomically fitted wraps. The system can be operated with minimal training, and with its patented ergonomic wraps, adjustable temperature and compression levels, and its portable design, can be incorporated into a multitude of treatment protocols. Released into the UK in January 2008, Game Ready is quickly becoming the preferred method for the application of Cold & Compression therapy.  For more information, please visit